The Armstrong Galloway Hills Rally


August 8th, 2022

UK debut for ‘GEOTRAQ’ GPS Tracking System

A GPS Tracking system, supplied by RBI-Sport, will be used in the UK for the first time on the Armstrong Galloway Hills Rally next month.

Based in Bulgaria but working globally, RBI Sport is a highly-specialised company in the field of the motorsports that provides numerous services for event organisers. Developed over the last five years by an international team of ex-drivers and co-drivers whose involvement has been up to and including WRC level as both competitors and officials, the GEOTRAQ tracking system is the first FIA-certified tracking system in the world.

Based on the latest technologies in vehicle tracking, communication and data processing, the GEOTRAQ tracking system meets the FIA requirements for Sports & Regularity Rallies, Stage Rallies, Cross-Country Rallies & Bajas, and any kind of motorsport event not held on Circuits.

Irrespective of whether it is used on Motorbikes, Quads, Side-by-Side Vehicles/Buggies, Cars or Trucks, the hardware is easily fitted and connected.

Given its name, it could be assumed that tracking a competitive vehicle’s position is the only thing the system does. This was true when tracking systems were first introduced, but the GEOTRAQ tracking system is capable of a lot more than simply tracking. As well as featuring the obvious buttons for OK and SOS, the GEOTRAQ also has a DANGER feature to warn crews of a potential hazard up ahead in real time, and an OVERTAKE function should you catch a slower car in front i.e. in dust. Another feature on the GEOTRAQ system is a sensor for abnormal G-force detection to spot fast deceleration, flat landings and possible heavy accidents. Automated speed monitoring for Road Sections and the ability to replay and compare a Competitor’s movements to spot activities like illegal Servicing are other benefits which the system boasts.

The GEOTRAQ tracking system combines multiple communication methods for coverage and reliability, including the ability to auto switch between 4G and Irridium Satellites, and to integrate with Garmin. Ultimately no one method is inherently better than any other; the right communication method will depend on the rally in question; the terrain, availability of local networks, level of service required, and budget.

Note to Competitors:
Competitors on the 2022 Armstrong Galloway Hills Rally will be provided with detailed instructions on both the use and fitting of the GEOTRAQ tracking system. Important items for installation will be sent out to Competitors in advance of the event by Post, to enable Competitors to arrive at the event prepared and hopefully ensure the fitting of the GEOTRAQ Tracker device at pre-event Scrutineering on Friday 9th September is a swift as possible. Competitors will be requested to provide a postal address for this (either Driver, Co-driver or Other i.e. Preparation Company) on the official Entry Form.

Note to other Event Organisers:
Interested parties from other motorsport events across the UK and Ireland who would like to experience the GEOTRAQ tracking system in action, are welcome to attend the Armstrong Galloway Hills Rally on 10th September where experts from RBI-Sport will be on hand in a separate area of Rally HQ to answer any queries. To pre-register your attendance, please contact the Europe, UK and Ireland Event Manager for RBI-Sport, Bill Sturrock, on or by calling +44(0)7767 602855.