The Armstrong Galloway Hills Rally




“Volunteer marshals are the beating heart of UK motorsport. Proudly standing out in their orange overalls or Marshals’ tabards, they are vital to the safe and effective running of events all over the country.” – Motorsport UK.

Without the small army of Marshals who freely give up their time to Volunteer to help ensure the safety of all of us involved in the sport, events could not happen.

There are a huge variety of Marshalling roles to fill on the 2023 Armstrong Galloway Hills Rally, including out on the Stages, Timekeeping, Passage Controls, and the Service Area, as well as roles for Radio Operators, to ensure our safe running of our event.

It doesn’t matter whether you have masses of Marshalling experience, or virtually none; we will welcome you and help you find a suitable role. To volunteer, Motorsport UK required you to be an accredited Marshal. However, if you are not yet accredited, you are 100% still able to become a Marshal on the event as you can ‘buddy up’ with an experienced Marshal on the day.

Every Marshal attending the 2023 Armstrong Galloway Hills Rally will receive a goody bag with a gift and meal.


■ 2023 Marshal Sign-On: LINK



You can register as a Motorsport UK Marshal, and complete the online training, by visiting the Motorsport UK website: