The Armstrong Galloway Hills Rally



Rally Winners

We are sadly missing some results from our Archive, but most of the last 47 years can be found below. We hope you enjoy reminiscing!

(If you can fill any holes in our archive, please contact us.)

1974Keith McCleary & Ivor ClarkFord Escort Twin Cam
1975Drew Gallacher & Sandra ArneilEscort Mk I RS1600
1976Allan Arneil & Sandra GallacherVauxhall Magnum
1977Charles Samson & Willie GriegFord Escort RS1800
1978Drew Gallacher & Gordon LockhartFord Escort Mk I RS1700Results
1979Drew Gallacher & Gordon LockhartFord Escort 1800 BDAResults
1980Malcolm Wilson & John DonovanFord Escort 1800 BDAResults
1981Stanley Orr & John ArmstrongFord Escort RS2000Results
1982Allan Arneil & Robin BrownFord Escort RS1800Results
1983Bill Lymburn & Alan HutchinsonFord Escort RS1800Results
1984Bill Lymburn & Alan HutchinsonFord Escort RS1800
1985Donald Heggie & George SharpAudi Quattro
1986Murray Grierson & Alex StrathdeeOpel Kadett
1987Donald Milne & Neil EwingMetro 6R4Results
1988Stephen Findlay & Dessie WilsonFord Orion
1989Stewart Robertson & Lawrance ClarkMetro 6R4
1990Murray Grierson & Eric MillarMetro Hart
1991Mervyn Hill & Philip McCreaMazda RX7
1992Murray Grierson & Dougie RedpathMetro 6R4
1993Dommy Buckley & Murray GriersonMitsubishi Lancer
1994Murray Grierson & Stewart MerrySubaru LegacyResults
1995Stephen Harron & Avril MageeFord SierraResults
1996Stephen Harron & Russell HarronSubaru Legacy
1997Stephen Harron & Philip McCreaSubaru Legacy
1998Bertie Fisher & Rory KennedySubaru ImprezaResults
1999Denis Biggerstaff & Guy CarlisleMetro 6R4Results
2000David Wood & Les WaterfallSubaru ImprezaResults
2001Kris Meeke & Glenn PattersonSubaru ImprezaResults
2002Kris Meeke & Glenn PattersonSubaru ImprezaResults
2003Simon Hughes & Calvin CooledgeSubaru ImprezaResults
2004Matthew Wilson & Scott MartinFord Focus WRCResults
2005Sean Devine & Killian DuffySubaru Impreza S9 WRCResults
2006Jock Armstrong & Kirsty RiddickSubaru ImprezaResults
2007David Bogie & David PatersonSubaru Impreza S9 WRCResults
2008Jock Armstrong & Kirsty RiddickSubaru ImprezaResults
2009Jock Armstrong & Kirsty RiddickSubaru ImprezaResults
2010Jock Armstrong & Kirsty RiddickSubaru ImprezaResults
2011Mark McCulloch & Craig WallaceSubaru ImprezaResults
2012Jock Armstrong & Kirsty RiddickSubaru ImprezaResults
2013Jock Armstrong & John RichardsonSubaru ImprezaResults
2014Jock Armstrong & Paula SwinscoeSubaru ImprezaResults
2015David Bogie & Kevin RaeFord Fiesta R5+Results
2016Jock Armstrong & Paula SwinscoeSubaru ImprezaResults
2017Jock Armstrong & Cameron FairSubaru ImprezaResults
2018David Bogie & John RowanSkoda Fabia R5Results
2019 (45 miles)David Bogie & John RowanMINI JCW WRCResults
2019 (75 miles)Tom Cave & Dale BowenHyundai i20 R5Results
2021David Bogie & John RowanMINI JCW WRCResults