The Armstrong Galloway Hills Rally



Rally Past Winners

Results for nearly all of the last 49 years can be found below – we hope you enjoy reminiscing!

(If you can fill any holes in our archive, please contact us.)

1974Keith McCleary & Ivor ClarkFord Escort Twin Cam
1975Drew Gallacher & Sandra ArneilEscort Mk I RS1600
1976Allan Arneil & Sandra GallacherVauxhall MagnumResults
1977Charles Samson & Willie GriegFord Escort RS1800Entry List Only
1978Drew Gallacher & Gordon LockhartFord Escort Mk I RS1700Results
1979Drew Gallacher & Gordon LockhartFord Escort 1800 BDAResults
1980Malcolm Wilson & John DonovanFord Escort 1800 BDAResults
1981Stanley Orr & John ArmstrongFord Escort RS2000Results
1982Allan Arneil & Robin BrownFord Escort RS1800Results
1983Bill Lymburn & Alan HutchinsonFord Escort RS1800Results
1984Bill Lymburn & Alan HutchinsonFord Escort RS1800Entry List Only
1985Donald Heggie & George SharpAudi QuattroEntry List Only
1986Murray Grierson & Alex StrathdeeOpel KadettEntry List Only
1987Donald Milne & Neil EwingMetro 6R4Results
1988Stephen Findlay & Dessie WilsonFord OrionResults
1989Stewart Robertson & Lawrance ClarkMetro 6R4Results
1990Murray Grierson & Eric MillarMetro HartResults
1991Mervyn Hill & Philip McCreaMazda RX7Results
1992Murray Grierson & Dougie RedpathMetro 6R4Results
1993Dommy Buckley & Murray GriersonMitsubishi LancerResults
1994Murray Grierson & Stewart MerrySubaru LegacyResults
1995Stephen Harron & Avril MageeFord SierraResults
1996Stephen Harron & Russell HarronSubaru LegacyEntry List Only
1997Stephen Harron & Philip McCreaSubaru LegacyEntry List Only
1998Bertie Fisher & Rory KennedySubaru ImprezaResults
1999Denis Biggerstaff & Guy CarlisleMetro 6R4Results
2000David Wood & Les WaterfallSubaru ImprezaResults
2001Kris Meeke & Glenn PattersonSubaru ImprezaResults
2002Kris Meeke & Glenn PattersonSubaru ImprezaResults
2003Simon Hughes & Calvin CooledgeSubaru ImprezaResults
2004Matthew Wilson & Scott MartinFord Focus WRCResults
2005Sean Devine & Killian DuffySubaru Impreza S9 WRCResults
2006Jock Armstrong & Kirsty RiddickSubaru ImprezaResults
2007David Bogie & David PatersonSubaru Impreza S9 WRCResults
2008Jock Armstrong & Kirsty RiddickSubaru ImprezaResults
2009Jock Armstrong & Kirsty RiddickSubaru ImprezaResults
2010Jock Armstrong & Kirsty RiddickSubaru ImprezaResults
2011Mark McCulloch & Craig WallaceSubaru ImprezaResults
2012Jock Armstrong & Kirsty RiddickSubaru ImprezaResults
2013Jock Armstrong & John RichardsonSubaru ImprezaResults
2014Jock Armstrong & Paula SwinscoeSubaru ImprezaResults
2015David Bogie & Kevin RaeFord Fiesta R5+Results
2016Jock Armstrong & Paula SwinscoeSubaru ImprezaResults
2017Jock Armstrong & Cameron FairSubaru ImprezaResults
2018David Bogie & John RowanSkoda Fabia R5Results
2019 (45 miles)David Bogie & John RowanMINI JCW WRCResults
2019 (75 miles)Tom Cave & Dale BowenHyundai i20 R5Results
2021David Bogie & John RowanMINI JCW WRCResults
2022David Henderson & Chris LeesFord Fiesta Rally2Results
2023David Henderson & Chris LeesFord Fiesta Rally2Results Leg1+2

Results Leg1 only