The Armstrong Galloway Hills Rally

SATURDAY 31ST OCTOBER 2020 (Provisional)



■ Where will I find Spectator Information?
More information is on the Spectators page of this website.

■ How do I enter?
Entries must be made online via the event website. Entry Forms must be completed in full, and incomplete Entry Forms will be refused. If you do not have time to complete it in full, please wait until you do have time and all the information to hand.

■ How do I order Route Notes?
More information is on the Route Notes page of this website.

■ What is the ferry deal?
More information is on the Incentives page of this website.

■ How do I sign up for the Test Day?
You can add this on your Entry Form – more information is available at Appendix C of the Supplementary Regulations.

■ What Licence do I need?
The minimum level of licence for a Driver is a RS Inter Club – Stage Rally (UK Only), and the minimum level of licence for a Co-Driver is a RS Inter Club (UK Only).

■ My Service Vehicle is a 40ft Truck – will there be room for it?
Yes – but only if you notify us well in advance (i.e. preferably as soon as you enter – it will not be possible to cater for requests in the week of the event.) There is a section for this on the Entry Form.

■ Where can I find more information on the rally?
Twitter & Instragam: @GallowayHills

■ Where is the After Party?
Jock invites you to join him at his After Party on Saturday Night at Monty’s Bar, St Andrews Street, Castle Douglas.

■ What if my question is not answered here?
For all other queries, Contact Us.