The Armstrong Galloway Hills Rally




■ How do I enter?
Entries should be made online via the Competitors page.

■ How do I order Route Notes?
More information is on the Route Notes page of this website.

■ Do I need to contest the night stages (SS7, SS8 & SS9)
Not if you don’t want to. We’ve planned the event so that rallying in the dark is optional for all, & Competitors can opt to stop after completing 6 stages. This will not effect points for the 2023 Scottish Rally Championship and other championships we are a round of, as for the purpose of awarding points in these championships, a combined set of results will be created based on the classification of all entries after Leg 1. There is more information in our Regs Article 9, which can be found on the the Competitors page.

■ Is there a Ferry deal for free ferries?
Not this year – sorry. We can assist you in booking with Stena Line, if you require.

■ Is there a Test Day?
John Parker Associates are organising a shakedown all day on Friday 15th September . This will be held close to the stages being used, and there will be no limit, within reason, to the number of runs per crew. The cost is likely to be £350 per car, and anyone interested should contact either John Parker 07885 804545 email, or Brian Kinghorn 07718 539637 email for further information.

■ What Licence do I need?
The minimum level of licence for a Driver is a RS Inter Club – Stage Rally (UK Only), and the minimum level of licence for a Co-Driver is a RS Inter Club (UK Only).

■ Will there be room in the Service Area for my LWB Lorry?
Yes. We will do our best to accommodate every Competitor’s needs – however you must please tell us your requirements in advance, via that question on the Entry Form.

■ Where will I find Spectator Information?
More information is on the Spectators page of this website.

■ Where can I find more information on the rally?
Twitter & Instagram: @GallowayHills

■ What if my question is not answered here?
For all other queries, if your answer cannot be found in the Regulations, please Contact Us.