The Armstrong Galloway Hills Rally


Incentives – #InItToWinIt

 Our popular  Entry Fee Discount Incentive is back for 2019!

For every 10 entries received, we will enter each one into a draw and one lucky crew will receive a £250 entry fee discount. After the first 10 entries, one crew will be awarded a £250 entry fee discount. After 20 entries, we will do the same, then after 30, and 40, and so on until we have awarded £2,000; meaning that the earlier you submit your entry, the more draws you will be entered in to, and the more chances you will have to be a winner. More information is available at Appendix B of the Supplementary Regulations.

 #InItToWinIt Entry Fee Incentives  –  added on 14 August 2019

 Winner from 1st 10 entries – Ref 6 – Niall Cowan Jnr & Callum Shanks
 Winner from 1st 20 entries – Ref 4 – Rhuaridh Campbell & Michael Moates
 Winner from 1st 30 entries – Ref 83 – Linzi Henderson & Tom Hynd
 Winner from 1st 40 entries – Ref 28 – Ian Milne & Dawn Milne
 Winner from 1st 50 entries – Ref 2 – Iain Wilson & Chris Williams
 Winner from 1st 60 entries – Ref 86 – Angus Lawrie & Paul Gribben
 Winner from 1st 70 entries – Ref 42 Ian Baumgart & Sinclair Young
 Winner from 1st 80 entries – the final winner will be announced shortly


 Entries are now open for the Armstrong Galloway Hills Rally via the Competitors Pages – you can enter either the 45 mile event or 75 mile event.